How a software developer earns a higher salary

Writing the best code doesn’t give you a higher salary. Here are three lessons that I learned the hard way in the tech industry that will get you in less than 10 years to receive a higher salary.


  • Network

To receive a very big pay you need to recruit for one of the more popular companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon and the like. Some organisations are not seeking applications that apply over the internet. They depend entirely on the candidates who are referred. When you know someone who works at Company X, when you exploit the link, there are high chances of getting hired. Connecting with these people and making friends with them will pave the way to land the great job which will pay you a big salary. Chat at Tech conferences, local Meetups, and LinkedIn with these people. Relationships take time and effort to create but it can mean the job of your dreams when done correctly.

  • Get the Job Done
You ‘re possibly thinking as software developer that writing the best code is what gets you the attention. You ‘re not alone, thought so, too. 
Unfortunately nah!

If you just concentrate on getting the current job completed, the company management would like you more. If you can execute tasks very quickly and have the customer back happy, then you have better chances of having a higher salary. You are a great benefit for the client, you win the customers and happy customers mean more money.

Trying to write the smartest code means you’re going to take more time to patch a error. Clients don’t like waiting too long and that’s not something the management would tolerate either. So fix the problem as quickly as you can, make everybody happy then go back and try and make your solution more effective, delete any code if you need to do so later. You are going to be in the top promo list.

  • Be A Leader
The manager is lazy. And there are several others. Nevertheless, the last thing he needs to hear from you is to whine about its laziness. We usually can’t handle that. When you want to get ahead of the business 
and order higher wage then repair the boss. Carry on the colleagues’ leadership while the big man’s gone. Please be prepared to take on last-minute and late-hour assignments because, when an infuriated client comes belling, he will slap your face. Only helping save the situation when he just needs your support would make you look in his eyes more favorable. In this way you are an asset not just for the client but also for the boss.
He is going to want to hold you regardless. According to him, the only way to hold you is to give you a greater salary. That’s his sign of gratitude. That’s what you like so much of. I hope that these tips will get you to ascend the professional ladder very soon.
Good Luck!


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