The Importance of Instagram Stories for Social Media Marketing

Instagram is a popular social media platform that offers fertile marketing grounds. With a global reach that connects strongly with time, understanding the best ways to engage on the platform with the audience is key to launching successful campaigns. As the leading digital marketing company, we wanted to share why Instagram stories play a vital role with some tips for start-up social media marketing.

What’re Instagram stories?

Instagram Stories is an innovative feature designed on stories from Snapchat. For a couple of years now, IG stories have been around and allow users to share photos or videos with a limited time-span of 24 hours before they disappear. The information posted on stories does not appear in the main IG feed nor will it appear on the profile grid unless the user chooses to feature a part of a story by sharing it in the profile.

Has IG copied Snapchat? It’s more or less. There is the capacity to use wording, drawings, filters and effects to display content and subject matter together in a slideshow format. There’s also the ability to add music to stories and hide stories or make them private.


There are numbers of reasons to use Instagram Stories for social media marketing…

    1. Wide Active User Base: IG stories have more than 200 million active users every day, i.e. more than Snapchat.
    2. Integration: The integration of Instagram and Facebook allows useful marketing possibilities on both platforms like creating Instagram ads on Facebook ads with the use of the Facebook Ads Manager.
    3. Easier to schedule: There is a lot of burden on “posting at the right time” to get content in front of individuals when they’re more likely to get involved, and other posts will not drag them down the feed. With a 24-hour shelf life, stories are a bit unique, so the best time to post is less important than regular posting for that 24-hour visibility.
    4. Engagement: Generally speaking, IG stories are a form of fun content. There’s an opportunity to showcase a brand’s personality and unique aspects. Fun, interesting and upbeat content can be engaging, which is an essential aspect of social media marketing.
    5. Outbound Links: For accounts with more than 10,000 followers, an outbound link to create additional traffic to a site, such as a new blog or sales items, is included in your stories.
    6. Content Variety: IGS can also be used for user inquiries and users ‘ questions along with lighthearted and fun content. Both polls and questionnaires offer unique opportunities for content


Tips to create Instagram Stories

Like any new stuff medium, there’ll be a learning experience. That being said, here are a few fundamental tips which can be applied to the method by every business:

    • Creating content for your audience: A business ought to focus on the viewers. Unlike famous people who could just post their day as a way to connect their fans, a company should focus on understanding and developing content that would interest and entertain them. For instance, one business chose to create a story about how they re-painted their store’s inside which was a horrible idea. It was watching paint dry literally and just as exciting as it was.
    • Consistency is important: This tip has two meanings; posts consistency and appearance consistency. Stories should be relatively common, particularly when polls and questions are incorporated, as people want results. It is possible to incorporate cover photos and introduction video snippets to create a consistent look and feel for stories.
    • Be authentic & fun: the story is very much a hip, a medium, which only takes place if it is authentic. It is a way of skinning back the curtain uniquely and interestingly.
    • Short & sweet: Stories are the perfect media for users to enjoy a pleasant snack of content. Whatever the purpose, like showing how something can be done or showing a new product.
    • Use exposure techniques: Stories should use hashtags and places to increase exposure to the discover feed. Other users accounts can also be tagged to make your audience more aware of new content.
    • Make use of tools: Instagram Stories offers several excellent tools, including many free story templates or apps such as Over. Video editing and analytical instruments also contribute to the creation and measurement of posts.

Instagram is an amazing platform for connecting people, particularly younger generations, to a global community. Instagram stories can play a vital role in social media marketing if they are used correctly, which means that they have fun and show personality first and foremost.


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